Greetings to all you 2014 Lucky Lottery Winners!

By now you probably know whether or not you have a moose permit for the upcoming season.  Last year we booked all our moose hunts through another outfitter but this year we have returned to doing our own reservations and have also returned to our usual rates which are listed below.    We have already booked four parties as of this date, June 16, 2014. 



  • $150.00/per day per person plus tax for the permittee and subpermittee
  • $120.00/per day per person plus tax for any additional members in the party

Guides are available if notified well in advance of the hunt.  Rates vary depending on the guide who is available. 

We have a 4 day minimum stay during the moose hunt but the cabin will be reserved for you for the entire week should you need it. 


Prior to the moose hunt, I spend a considerable amount of time traveling around scouting for moose sign.  If you are self guiding, I will have some areas of interest to send you in when you arrive at camp.  

During the last full week of September, the second full week of October, and the first full week of November hunters who have been lucky enough to win a Maine moose permit get their chance for a freezer full of meat. Moose hunting is a matter of logistics.moose Some hunters choose to ride the road until they find one of these brutes standing in or close to the road, in my opinion not much fun but it works. Others choose to hunt the old fashioned way, by canoe. This can be a pleasurable experience right up until the moose lies on the ground, all 1,000 lbs of him.


Hunters should consider hunting off road with the idea of back packing your moose out.  If you shoot a moose a half a mile from the road, it should be field butchered right there on site.  You will need a good back pack for everyone involved, a bag of cheese cloth game bags and an 8 ounce can of black pepper.  I highly recommend getting the large size deer sleigher.  This and the game bags can be purchased from Cabelas.  The moose I have quartered I have been able to put a front a leg in my back pack.  You could debone it if you had to.  I wrap a hindquarter in the deer sleigher.  On bare ground this drag can require two people.  On frost or snow one person can skid a hind quarter pretty easily along the trail, over blow downs and through the brush not so easily.  These deer sleighers are great for dragging deer and bear.  If you haven't used one, you will find they are worth owning.  Be sure to get the largest size.


john and matt-moose hunt-sept. 2010-sm

Here's a picture of me and Matt, the young fellow that I guided a few years ago, with a nice bull he shot an hour into the season.  We had two bulls coming to my calling, this one got there first!   While we got this moose ready to go for a ride the other bull stayed in the trees behind me and continued grunting untill we left.


In 2012 I guided a fellow from Portland, Oregon who happens to be a good friend and  long time deer hunting partner.  As we approached our blind Bob spotted a small bull.  He hunkered down and waited.  After a few minutes I made a few soft cow calls.  A cow promptly came over the top of the ridge in front of us and stood there.  After a few minutes I gave a small bull grunt and we watched a real nice bull come up behind the cow.  One more bull grunt and this old boy strolled right out and stood in front of the cow, giving Bob an excellent shot.  It was all over within an hour of the opening morning of the season.


img 1269


The Day Family from Bangor has hunted moose with us several times over the last 20 years. They have always left with a big bull and some pretty good stories too.  Just ask Marie!   






 wes and layton-moose hunt-2009





Below are some photos of Maine moose taken over the years out of McNallys Camps, plus one of a nice bull on the shore across from the cabins.  


 2275213752009 pictures 398     matt and frank with big smiles


maine moose alive and well on the allagash-photo courtesy of dean bennett

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