McNally's Ross Stream Camps are located on Chemquasabamticook Stream, also known as Ross Stream, T12-R13, Map 61 in the DeLorme's Atlas.  We are situated between two other large outfitters that also offer bear hunting over bait. 

Bait sites were issued by the North Maine Woods, Inc., on a first come first serve basis many years ago before we purchased the camps.  When we bought the camps 17 years ago we were unable to get any more sites, therefore we are limited to 15 bear bait sites at the most. 

Bear hunters usually find a camp to hunt out of by going to the large sportsmen's shows around the country.   Because we are limited to the number of sites we have, we feel we cannot, in good conscience, take more than ten hunters per season.  Therefore, it would be cost prohibitive for us to attend the shows.  That is bad for us but good for you and here is why.   The bear baiters that surround us have hundreds of sites.  Some of the sites are fifty to seventy miles from their camps, or up to a two hour drive one way.  Say you are hunting with them, you get a bear, or it gets dark, you are still in your stand waiting for your guide who is busy picking up other hunters before he gets to you.  Now you head for camp; a two hour drive away.  Maybe you will get to eat supper before midnight and maybe you won't.  

Now, lets say you are hunting with us.  You get a bear, we pick you up a few minutes after dark, shortly you are back to your cabin where a hot shower is waiting.  Up in the main lodge, Regina has a nice roast beef cooking.  You can come up and stuff yourself while we hang your bear.  After dinner you sit down in the main lodge relaxing and telling everyone about your hunt.  If you were hunting with the other guide, you would still be riding hard for the camps.  There are just as many Maine black bear per square mile here as anywhere else, maybe more due to the fact that we are way off the beaten path.  It is your choice.

We here at McNally's Ross Stream Camps want your Maine black bear hunt over bait to not only be successful, but we want you to have a real good time so we put a lot of work into it.  
Maine law allows guides to start baiting one month before the season begins and that is when we go to work.  Roads and foot paths have to be cleared of alders, blow downs and debris.  Bait sites have to be set up for the season, shooting lanes checked for bushes that have gotten in the way since last year and stands put in place.


Baiting is done every other day, usually the bears start hitting the baits within three days.  They come very carefully most every day as long as nothing spooks them.  They know my scent as I have been around these bait sites for 17 years now doing the chores.  By the day you arrive, we hope to have the bears fat and happy.  The trick is to get you into a tree stand without them getting spooked.  A lot of money and labor goes into these hunts before you arrive.

We will also have a couple of bait sites for coyotes if you want to hunt after you get your bear. 

Fall fly fishing for brook trout peaks in September.  If you are a fisherman, bring your gear.  We have lots of canoes of all sizes and kayaks available at the camps. 

McNally's Ross Stream Camps have been offering Maine bear hunts for more than 20 years.  The same sites get used year after year.  The bear are familiar with them and it is not uncommon to find fresh bear sign at a site the first time we walk into the area.  They are hoping that the doughnuts will show up soon!  The picture below is of Les Gardner, who guided here at McNally's for over 50 years and was part owner when we bought the camps.  This Maine black bear weighed 450 lbs and was shot a few years back.

Our success rate is on a par with other bear camps.  We just take fewer hunters and do less advertising.


We hope you will want to join us for a trophy Maine black bear hunt,

Thank You,
John and Regina


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