The best fishing in Maine begins around the middle of May and runs through to the first of July. fishing1The best method is fly-casting from canoes or wading Ross Stream. Fly casting at inlets is also a good way to get into bigger trout on Long Lake. There are many streams and rivers in this area, which offer fine brook trout fishing, if you hit it right.

Summer trout fishing requires going deep on Long Lake or Umsaskis Lake. Remember this part of Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway, which allows canoes only. You can, however, use outboards up to 10 HP or electric motors.  Surrounding streams, ponds, and rivers outside of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway do allow boats and motors. 

As the spring turns to early summer the water levels in the streams start to drop, slow down and warm up a bit.  Insect life becomes abundant and the trout take to rising to the dry fly; my favorite time to fish, my favorite way to fish and my favorite fish!  Nothing beats making a near perfect cast to a feeding brookie and having him nail that dry fly.  These native brook trout can sure put up a good fight.  A ten inch brook trout fights as if he weighed two pounds and a two pounder can really get your heart to thumping.  I have fished for all sorts of fish from here to Alaska in the north and New Zealand in the south, but the fish I cherish the most are the fish that live outside my cabin door. 

September fly fishing can get really hot.  You might want to combine some trout fishing with that bear or moose hunt that you plan to go on.  Yes, we offer Maine guided bear hunts over bait and guided or self guided Maine moose hunts. 
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A few years ago I guided a fellow who shot a nice moose in the morning and opted to break camp immediately as it was quite warm.  He was nervous about spoilage and rightfully so.  We said goodbye and that left me with some time to break out the fly rod.  Five minutes later I came face to face with a record bull moose standing on the very same pool that I wanted to fish.  He moved upstream and I made a cast or two with a grasshopper fly.  A very nice brook trout came completely out of the water and nailed that fly on his way down.  Fifteen minutes later that brookie of better than twenty inches was finning in my net, waiting to be released.  I watched him swim slowly back out into the stream, then I waded to shore and walked back to camp.  You cannot beat that kind of a day.   Twenty seven years of running Maine sporting camps and guiding have given me many great days. 

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