a happy spring fishermenThe best fishing in Northern Maine begins around the middle of May and runs through to the first of July.  Trolling streamers or lures after ice out can produce some large brook trout and togue (a.k.a. lake trout) on Long Lake and Umsaskis, as well as on Ross Stream, the Allagash River, and many surrounding streams and ponds within Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

In May and June you can virtually start fishing as soon as you close your cabin door.  The trout from Long Lake are likely to be anywhere from the camps to the lake.  Also the thoroughfare between Long Lake and Umsaskis is always a likely spot.  Whether you prefer casting or trolling, you stand a good chance of catching brook trout up to three pounds and togue in the five pound range.  You may also get into an occasional whitefish.     

A day of fishing can take you from here to Bissonette Bridge, which is a short ways below Churchill Dam.  Another possible trip is canoeing from here down Ross Stream, down the Allagash River to Round Pond, which is several miles below Long Lake Dam.  The trip to Round Pond would require some minor whitewater paddling and a shuttle ride back to camp in the evening.  This is a popular trip, giving you a good chance at a memorable day of fishing for Maine Allagash brookies.  There are simply too many spots to fish and too little time to fish them all so we hope you get started this spring and we hope you decide to stay with us.     

Remember this is part of Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway which allows canoes only.  You can, however, use outboards up to 10 hp or electric motors.   Boats and motors are allowed outside of the Allagash on the surrounding ponds and streams. 

The Saint John River is only ten miles away and holds some large muskies for those who are looking to fish for carnivores. I know nothing about these fish, but I can point you towards them.  Boats and motors are allowed on the St. John River.

Fishing licenses can be purchased either before arrival or we can go online when you are here so that you can buy your license and print it out right here at camp.   draggingstreamersonlonglake                                                           


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