Families that are interested in getting together in a remote setting enjoy their stays at McNally's. While there is white water, there is plenty of flat water available for kayaking and canoeing. Trips to one of the beaches on Long Lake can make for an enjoyable afternoon. Moose watching is always an adventure and for that matter so is bird watching.retreats1 We also have lots of miles of old woods roads for hiking on. Should you be up for a game of croquet we usually have an "extreme" course set up for those willing to take the challenge.

Business groups like to kayak and canoe too. What better place for a little retreat! Amazingly enough we have wifi internet access in the main lodge so that you can be in touch with the office if the need arises.

For the family vacationers or business retreats, during July and the first half of August, we may be able to book just your group. Don't hesitate to ask.

Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, we are here to help you enjoy your vacation adventures.


Thank you,
John & Regina lounge at night

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