P.O. Box 246 Ashland, Maine 04732.
CONTACT US:   NEW VOIP TELEPHONE NUMBER EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 5, 2017 (RINGS RIGHT INTO CAMP):  (207)991-5824 or our cell phone:  (207)944-9995  

Greetings and welcome to our camps. McNally's has been providing excellent recreation, fishing, and hunting to the outdoor enthusiast for more than half a century. So let's begin by telling you about ourselves and our camps.rates1
For the last 31 years, we have lived in the woods of Northern Maine year-round. When most camps are closed you will find John and Regina still taking people who want to explore Northern Maine when the snow lies deep and the streams are hushed by a thick layer of ice.

Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, we want your vacation to be a memorable one. We operate these camps by ourselves and we strive hard to provide the best possible outdoor experience for our guests . Regina serves all the meals in our main lodge, where virtually everything is homemade. A glance out most any window quite often reveals moose feeding along the stream.

camp    moose on the river

McNally's is located in Township 12, Range 13 (Page 61 of the DeLorme's Atlas) on Chemquasabamticook Stream (pronounced Sebemsicook). This stream is better known as Ross Stream. The camps were built 70 years ago by Dana and Myki McNally with the help of the ever-present Les Gardner, their guide and part owner. There are 6 guests camps with 2 to 4 beds in each log cabin. Some have enclosed porches. All cabins are equipped with Vermont Castings wood stoves with glass doors for heat, and propane lights. There is running water with flush toilets and showers in all the cabins, an amenity not found in some of the camps in Allagash country.

At McNally's, we do not try to be full all the time. When we can, we enjoy having one group or one family at a time. When making a reservation for six to eight people, just ask us and maybe you can have the camps all to yourselves.

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